Zevenet 5

Zevenet Baetis, the new serie of products of Zevenet 5 Enterprise Edition


Thinking about flow, traffic and stream we came to the conclusion this harmonic and flawless combination also take place in nature. Rivers provide strength, flexibility and power to earth, the same way we have designed our Zevenet products for providing strength, flexibility and accessibility to all data centers in the world.

Baetis was chosen as the first friendly codename for our products honouring our roots. Guadalquivir, the main river in south Spain, was coined by romans as Baetis centuries ago, one of the main entrances of richness into the Iberian Peninsula.

Improve productivity and availability, ease Application Continuity with Zevenet 5000 Baetis

What is Zevenet 5000 Baetis?


Zevenet Baetis is our latest product release which includes the advances made with Zevenet5
Load balancing has never been so easy, has never been displayed so beautifully

New features

Open source load balancer, open source load balancing, opensource load balancer, opensource load balancing

API v3
LB is now SDN

The new ZAPI v3 enables the orchestration of infrastructure processes and tasks automation in order to build an scalable, flexible and programmable interface. In addition, API v3 comes with a detailed, responsive and nicely presented documentation, which eases the task of using API v3 on your data center or cloud platform.

Open source load balancer, open source load balancing, opensource load balancer, opensource load balancing

New user interface
Anytime, everywhere

Access from tablet, mobile or desktop to Zevenet5000 Baetis with a 100% responsive new user interface. Powered by Angular 2, the new web graphic user interface is faster and more agile, improving user experience and easing the daily tasks, saving time to sysadmins, devops and developers for cost effective organizations. No need for specific technical profiles to use such a complex technology.

No more DoS threats

Rely on Zevenet 5000 Baetis thanks to the new IPDS security module which monitors the events on your appliance preventing and detecting threats. IPDS unifies IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) security levels for the most common threats oriented to application, in order to apply filters for your applications and services.

Open source load balancer, open source load balancing, opensource load balancer, opensource load balancing

Stateful failover
Improve availability

Stateful failover turns services and applications in to floating resources transparently to the users and allows a better availability, saving time on service recovery and downtime. Your users or networks will never be disturbed by re logging issues. Using Zevenet 5000 Baetis stateful failover the fluency of the connection will be guaranteed.

Who can benefit from Zevenet 5000 Baetis improvements?


This is product available for all the new Enterprise users as well as those Zevenet users with active Support service

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New Graphic User Interface

Improved user experience for easing daily tasks and saving time to sysadmins, devops and developers. Manage easily such a complex technology, saving the hassle to those non technical profiles.


New API v3 Documentation

Online documentation displayed on a new interface for a better understanding of the API behavior and setting thanks to the code simulation on the right hand side of the page.
Fully responsive, API v3 has been integrated on the new Zevenet 5 for tasks automation and orchestration. Open source load balancer for professional environments.

API v3