Complete system with automation-ready management with ZEVENET

Complete system with automation-ready management with ZEVENET

Long-term OS with at least 6 years of maintenance.
Optimized 64 bits operating system ready for massively scalable systems.
Services monitoring through SNMP and RRD graphs.
Email alert notifications.
Remote logging support.
Configuration backups.
Multiplatform, hybrid cloud, multitenant SD-WAN edge solution.
Role-based Access Control that allows multi-tenancy and LDAP/AD connector.
Centralized Web Console to improve management in a scalable and flexible multi virtual services environment.
Fully JSON rests API to boost automation and easy integration of scalable services in data centers.
User Experience and secure web GUI with Angular 12, 100% responsive and multi-language support.
Full Command line configuration support.Let’s Encrypt automation support for all secure virtual services.

How efficient is your automation-ready infrastructure implementation?


ZEVENET is able to manage 9,000 secure SSL HTTP requests per second (per physical core). Automate service scalability with high performance.

Automation-ready made easy with ZEVENET


Automation layer for your networks and applications with the advanced user experience web GUI


Full automation-ready capabilities with the rest API

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