Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks, Inc. is a company providing security, networking and storage products based on network appliances and cloud services.


ZEVENET® began its public release in October 2010, and we have not stopped refining security, scalability, and high availability technology ever since.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Barracuda & ZEVENET

See how ZEVENET and Barracuda Networks compare across some of the most critical ADC capabilities.

Barracuda’s Strengths

Delivers a cost-effective solution that is well-aligned with its target customers in SMBs and the midmarket.
Clients report that Barracuda ADC products are easy to setup and manage.
Offers the option for the customers to receive free hardware upgrades every four years.
Offers products in seven adjacent markets which limits the number of network suppliers they have to manage.

ZEVENET’s Strengths

Disruptive vision with a stable growth as challengers in the ADC market, with an agile team and engaged community.
Innovation driven with Open Source technology with no vendor lock-in and broad platforms integration (hardware, virtual, bare metal and cloud).
Very high cost-effective solutions without limitation products and services, suitable for both midsize organizations and large enterprises.
Investment in R&D to deliver a technology driven by easiness, performance and security.
Is a complete ADC (Application Delivery Controller) that could manage all kinds of network protocols (UDP, TCP, HTTP/S, SCTP, SIP, T/FTP, …) but also with a combination of all of them simultaneously and multiport capabilities; and it’s not oriented to licensed features.
Its operating system is fully optimized for networking so it is capable to move in layer 7 more than 140 thousand concurrent users and in layer 4 more than 10 million concurrent users with only 2 dedicated cores.
Ability to create configuration backups, easy cluster configuration, automatic replication from one node to another and stateful cluster with real time sessions replications that permits a failover between nodes without losing any connection.
Provides an integrated IPDS security system with real time black hole lists, DoS protection, black/white listing and protection of the most common network attacks.
Provides a very UX graphic interface for both operators and network engineers in Angular 2 technology.
Automation capabilities thanks to it’s fully programmable REST+JSON API.

Barracuda’s Weaknesses

Has a limited a set of deployment options, lacking multi-instances appliances, etc.
Lacks a sizeable enterprise installed base, and the vendor does not have well-established channels outside of North America and Europe.
Can meet basic ADC, but lags competitors with respect to enterprise features such as RBAC and was late to market with support HTTP 2.0.

ZEVENET’s Weaknesses

Young brand as an open source company and yet to develop a big influence than other more established vendors.
Needs to develop a broader partnership network.

*Summarised from the latest Gartner ADC report.


Proud to be open,
Open for being easier.

adc limits


We do not believe in limitations per core, memory or throughput. Our ADC solution performs with the maximum resources available.

adc high-tech


We research and develop open high technology to gather the best performance, scalability and high availability.

adc user experience


We design user experience and automated interfaces to make application reliability technology easy.

adc support team


Our agile Team always available to make your life easier and your challenges made true.

Successful Case

Begasoft chose our high availability solution after studying options like Barracuda which could not meet their networking requirements.


We saved more than $10k deprecating private solutions. It is a very very good product with passionate and cooperative developers, easy to use and works like a charm! I would recommend this product for everyone without concern.

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