Zen Load Balancer

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Zen Load Balancer | Load Balancing made easy

Zen Load Balancer was our previous brand, an open source load balancer which builds more secured and provided high availability to IT infrastructures.

We came into the ADC market by launching our load balancing solutions in open source platforms like Sourceforge. An unexpected amount of downloads and request from our users made us keep working on  developing our load balancer software, which main axis was, and still is, easing such a complex technology and facilitating the labor of any type of sysadmin ensuring the high availability of services, applications and networks.

Easy and Open for providing High Availability, Scalability and Security.

Now, Zen Load Balancer has evolved to ZEVENET, our best version.


Virtual Appliance

Virtual Appliance format is aimed to provide massive scalability, high availability and increased security for your services, applications and networks.


Bare Metal

Bare Metal is an installable Application Delivery Controller format which allows to be deployed in an heterogeneous set of platforms. As an ADC installable solution, Bare Metal supports a broad multi vendor servers equipment.

ZNA Zen Networks

Hardware Appliance

Our hardware is a powerful optimized industrial server that provides the highest performance, secure and reliable application delivery controller to your business IT services, applications and networks.


ZVN Cloud

The cloud load balancing allows maximizes the application performance and availability; also it provides a reduction in cost and service management to match demand.