Sangfor and Zevenet Comparison

Sangfor and Zevenet Comparison*

Comparison between Sangfor and Zevenet, Sangfor alternatives, similar to Sangfor

Zevenet vs F5, comparison between F5 and Zevenet, F5 alternative, load balancer, ADC, application delivery controller

  • Has products tailored to meet specific needs in the Chinese Market such as language localizations.
  • Can meet common ADC requirements in terms of functionality and performance at an attractive price point.
  • Offers an integrated solution with the most relevant ADC features.
  • Has shown consistent investment in its ADC products, improving security and GSLB features while expanding the capacity of its hardware portfolio.
  • Disruptive vision with a stable growth as challengers in the ADC market, with an agile team and engaged community.
  • Innovation driven with Open Source technology with no vendor lock-in and broad platforms integration (hardware, virtual, bare metal and cloud).
  • Very high cost-effective solutions without limitation products and services, suitable for both midsize organizations and large enterprises.
  • Investment in R&D to deliver a technology driven by easiness, performance and security.
  • The roadmap lags behind most competitors in terms of addressing experimental or not fully defined initiatives.
  • Has a small footprint and limited channel reach outside of China and SouthEast Asia.
  • Does not offer low friction light weight versions of its ADC software and has not yet integrated its software into the marketplace of popular cloud providers.
  • Young brand as an open source company and yet to develop a big influence than other more established vendors.
  • Needs to develop a broader partnership network.

*The Sangfor and Zevenet comparison above has been summarised from the latest Gartner ADC report of 2016.


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