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POSTED ON 13 March, 2020

This section shows how to create a new set of WAF rules. A rule set is a group of WAF rules with the same theme and a global configuration for the totality of the rules.

Introduce a custom name for your set of rules.

Then choose from the list if you would like to copy from another rule set. This feature is useful to test the rule sets added by the zevenet-ipds package without modifying the original ones.
If a rule (from the zevenet-ipds package) is modified will not be updated when the package will be upgraded. These rules will be respected taking in consideration that has been customized by the system administrator.
Finally, press the Create button.

idps settings

Name. The descriptive name of the new rule.
Ruleset to copy. Create a new rule based on an already created rule.

Please, follow this link for further information about Updating the global settings of a WAF Rule Set.

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