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POSTED ON 13 March, 2020

This section describes how to install or schedule updates for the IPDS package.

IPDS Package Updates

The IPDS package contains the bundle of IPDS rules which will be available for the user. In this section, you will be able to operate with the IPDS package to update or even schedule automatic updates.
idps settings
Package. The name of the package as it is stored in the repository.
Rules Date. Date of creation of the currently installed IPDS rules.
Scheduled. Describes the Scheduled IPDS package update if there are any.
Status. Indicates the IPDS package status, it represents any of the three possibilities with a color:

  • Red. The IPDS package is currently not installed.
  • Green. The IPDS package is installed and up-to-date.
  • Yellow. There are updates available for the IPDS package.

Actions. You can install or upgrade the IPDS package from the repository by clicking on the update button. To schedule automatic updates click on the schedule button and a new section for this purpose will be shown:

Schedule zevenet-ipds

This section describes the IPDS package scheduler and its options.
idps settings
Mode. It indicates how often the update will happen or to disable the schedule. The available values are:

  • Disabled. Disable the scheduled update if already scheduled.
  • Daily. Schedule the update to be done each day, it enables the Frequency field to indicate how many hours will the update be repeated, from the time set.
  • Weekly. Schedule the update to be done once a week, it enables the Day of the week field to indicate which day of the week will the update be scheduled (from Monday to Sunday).
  • Monthly. Schedule the update to be done once a month, it enables the Day of the month field to indicate which day of the month will the update be scheduled (from 1 to 31).

Time. Allows to set at which time will the update occur or from which time will the package be updated if the mode is set as Daily and Frequency is greater than 0.

Once the Scheduler is configured as wanted, click on the Submit button in order to save the configuration.

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