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This section details all farms and load balancing services statistics configured. It shows a table with the number of current Established and Pending connections for every GSLB and LSLB farms.

The table includes the following columns:

FARM NAME. Farm identification name.
PROFILE. Farm profile of a given farm.
VIRTUAL IP. IP address used by the farm to manage, distribute and create a high available service.
VIRTUAL PORT. Port used by the load balancing service to manage and distribute farm.
ESTABLISHED CONNS. Current established and already assured connections of a given farm. It doesn’t need to mean 1 connection per connected client.
PENDING CONNS. Current pending connections or not already assured connections of a given farm.
STATUS. The current status of the farm process Red if it’s down and Green if it’s up.
ACTIONS. Farm profile of a given farm.

  • View Stats Backends. Displays a list the clients connected for every service defined given a certain farm.

zevenet monitoring farms backends

The Backends table details the following information per connected client:

SERVICE. Name of farm service the backend belongs to (only for HTTP and GSLB farm profiles).
ID. Backend ID in such farm or service.
IP. The real server IP address.
Port. The port(s) number where the real server is listening on.
Status. This shows the state of the backend with different colours as follows:

    Green: Means Up. Te farm is up and the backend is also up and reachable.
    Yellow: Means Maintenace. The backend is in maintenace mode. The farm is either up or down.
    Red: Means Down. The farm is up but the backend is not reachable.
    Grey: Means Undefined The farm is stopped and the backend is not in maintenace mode. The real status will not be known until the farm start and the checks are executed.

Established conns. Established connections to such backend (only for LSLB farms).
Pending conns. Pending connections to such backend (only for LSLB farms).
Actions. The allowed actions for backends belonging to LSLB farms are:

  • Enable maintenance. The backend will be put into maintenance mode. While this backend is in this mode, it won’t receive new connections, but the actual connections and sessions being served will continue without disruption.
  • Disable maintenance. The backend will be available for new connections.

By default the statistics will show a single sample of the connections found for farms and backends, but it is also possible to take samples every 10, 30, 60 and 120 seconds.

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