Armor your 24/7 availability on Black Friday

Armor your availability on Black Friday

Ensures your business traffic during the most critical days

From Zevenet we want to secure your services in one of the days with the most concurrent users of the year, Black Friday, 23rd of November. Within 24h your services would have more than 3 times the regular request, increasing the load and slowing down your website speed, even incurring into website disruptions what would mean unhappy customers and sales lost.

adc security


Secure your payments, logistics and online store traffic against DDoS attacks and malicious users

adc high availability

High Availability

Enable a 24/7 service and automate your application delivery during peak traffic

Easy to use

Scale your online business in less than 10 minutes and accelerate your growth

Discover Zevenet HA solutions for retailers, logistics and payment gateways

Professional Report

Customized study to obtain the solution that best suits your needs

Cluster + Support

-15% discount in a Load Balancing solution + a year of Professional Support

72h Critical Support

24×7 coverage by our engineers in the 72 hours most critical Black Friday

* Campaign valid for new clients, until November 30th, at 14:00 GMT.

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